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Special Courses

Get the EXACT course you need

When you need help with a specific type of English then speak to us.

ELC is fortunate to have high quality teachers who have practical real world working experience in all types of organisations and in all sorts of roles. Having more than just academic knowledge of English gives them an edge when the type of language you need has to be focused on a specific need.

From gaining confidence in understanding and using simple phrases to learning specific vocabulary and knowing how and when to use it correctly, ELCs teachers will give you the benefit of their experience and the inside knowledge that comes from having done it themselves.

From something as simple as English football words and phrases (like nutmeg and man-on) to higher mathematics and science, ELC can custom design a short course that meets your specific needs. Here are some of the  courses we can provide. If you need something else, call us.

  • Writing email and other business correspondence
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Marketing
  • Preparing children for English school abroad
  • Working on ships
  • Job interview techniques
  • Preparing CVs
  • Designing and delivering presentations
  • Accounting
  • English football terminology