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Over the years  English Learning Centre has been quietly building a reputation for achieving excellent results with both children and adults.

Built on the good old fashioned values of Quality and Service the school has grown every year. Some of our students have been with us from the beginning and many others are now returning for a third or fourth year. Why do they keep coming back?

Maybe it's because we take a personal interest in how well our students do and put ourselves out to ensure their success, maybe it's because we work hard to make lessons interesting and fun, or maybe because we listen to our students and parents and make changes they suggest.  But it rewards us with great satisfaction every time we see their smiling faces again.

We think the real reason is because we operate a 'growth mindset' policy in the school, where all our students from youngest to oldest are encouraged to stretch their abilities and recognise that making mistakes is ok - mistakes are paving stones on the road to success. That’s why many of our students are at a level above their age and achieve such a high rate of exam success.

Also, we are a family oriented school with a family atmosphere. Our teachers enjoy what they do and want to do it well.  

So if you are looking for lessons for yourself or your child come along on a Saturday morning and speak to some of the other parents, or come in any time and see us. 

If there is anything else you would like to know, email us, phone us, or call in to the office..

Happy learning,


Management and Staff
English Learning Centre