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Young learners / Teens

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Highly structured long TERM study to prepare and guarantee your child by success in the Cambridge Exams for Their level
• Free placement test to ensure students are AT the right level
• Regular checks progress
• Regular homework
• All the material Provided
• Regular the Parent-teacher Have Interviews to discuss your child's progress

English for ...
PRE-SCHOOL (4.5-6)
English for ...
English for ...
TEENS (12-19)
JELI Club Juniors 
Age 4.5 to 6, learning vocabulary through song, movement and art.

JELI Club Seniors
From 6 years old, preparing to read and write with phonics
LEVEL 1 & 2
From 7 – 9 yrs old
(Cambridge Starters & Movers CEFR A1)

LEVEL 3 & 4
From 9 – 11 yrs old
(Cambridge Movers & Flyers / CEFR A1, A2)
LEVEL 5 & 6
From 12 years old
(Cambridge KET & PET/ CEFR A2, B1)

LEVEL 7 & 8 
From 16 years old
(Cambridge FCE & CAE/ CEFR B2, C1)

PRE-SCHOOL (4.5-6)

Junior English Learning Club

Easy learning for children from 4.5 years of age.

As the first school in Varna to provide Early English Language
Learning we provide English language immersion just like children in English kindergartens, with a native English speaker.

Using song, dance, play and creative activities, they will soon learn to count and use simple phrases with natural confidence.

In the JELI Club Juniors we begin the phonics programme, which starts children on that magical road of reading.

JELI Club Juniors enables them to:
•    Read and write their name
•    Recognise and say simple words
•    Understand instructions

•    Children learn to speak and with a native accent – like the teacher!
•    Parents Open day at the end of term is a chance for the children to put on a performance and show you how much they have learned
•    End of course certificate to proudly mark their progress


The ‘Grown-up’ JELI Club transition programme from preschool level to the school age levels.

Uses specialised phonic workbooks and activities to help develop pronunciation, sound and letter recognition, plus helps them develop the coordination they need for hand writing.
JELI Club Seniors enables them to:
•    Read and write their name
•    Read and write simple sentences
•    Understand instructions
•    Hold a simple conversation and answer questions about themselves
•    Parents Open day at the end of term is a chance for the children to put on a performance and show you how much they have learned
•    End of course certificate to proudly mark their progress
LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4
Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers /

Starters (This level is pre-CEFR)

They will begin learning the words for objects, how to speak and write simple sentences about them themselves and their family, follow simple instructions, and read and write short phrases and sentences.

Movers (CEFR A1)

They will learn new words for objects, how to ask and answer questions,  follow verbal and written instructions, and understand signs.

They will begin reading and writing short texts.

Flyers  (CEFR A2)

They will learn how to express opinions and make suggestions, talk about problems and ask for help when they need it. They will be able to read longer texts , increase their vocabulary and practice their spelling.

They will be able to write and speak about everyday things and the things they have done at home, school or on holiday.
They will learn how work together on projects and activities for display in the classroom.


•    All levels will have extensive practice at listening to audio songs and stories
•    Option to take the Cambridge exam for that level after the course
•    Parents Open day at the end of term is a chance for the children to put on a performance and show you how much they have learned
•    End of course certificate with hours of study and final level
TEENS (12-19)
LEVEL 5 & 6
Cambridge KET & PET /
CEFR A2, B11


The Key Certificate exam is the basic entry level English exam for both children and adults.

Using age appropriate course materials students will be able to understand and respond to everyday written and spoken English.

They will learn how to read fluently with correct intonation and write stories using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.


The Preliminary Certificate course will help students to master the basics of English and have practical language skills for everyday use.

Students will expand their vocabulary and grammar and practice their spelling and learn how to correctly structure sentences in written work.

They will practice reading text aloud, speaking without notes, and answering questions about the subject.

They will listen to a range of native speaker accents and express opinions about what they hear in conversation with other students.

KET enables students to:

•    Understand and use basic phrases and expressions
•    Understand simple written English
•    Introduce themselves and answer basic questions about themselves
•    Interact with English speakers at a basic level

PET enables students to:
•    Read and understand simple texts and articles in English
•    Write stories, letters and emails on everyday subjects
•    Make notes from written and spoken text
•    Show awareness of opinions and mood in spoken and written English


•    Option to take the Cambridge exam for that level after the course
•    Ongoing tests and evaluation conducted throughout the course
•    Parent/teacher liaison welcomed at any time to confirm progress or discuss difficulties
•    End of course certificate with hours of study and final level

LEVEL 7 & 8
Cambridge FCE & CAE /

Cambridge First Certificate demonstrates you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or study on courses taught in English.

Students will practice speaking, listening, reading and writing and tasks using more complex language and grammar. Written text will focus attention on the structure of the language and how ideas are conveyed effectively. Spoken text will focus on how rhythm and intonation express meaning and feeling.

They will gain confidence to converse naturally and write clearly expressing opinions and feelings using natural native language and current idioms.

Cambridge Advanced Certificate is a high-level internationally recognized qualification for academic and professional situations. CAE provides the skills and confidence to work or study in a wide range of international English speaking environments.

Students will refine their ability to listen, speak, read and write, using correct forms of formal and informal address appropriate to the situation.

They will practice listening to various native and non-native English accents to tune their hearing skills to a high level.

They will write extensively on given and free format subject to demonstrate their grasp of language structure and idiom.

They will learn how to express complex reasoning and ideas logically though the use of written and spoken articles.

FCE enables students to:
•    Communicate effectively face-to-face, expressing opinions and presenting arguments
•    Write clear, detailed English, expressing opinions and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different points of view
•    Write letters, reports, stories and other types of text
•    Follow the news and sporting events

CAE enables students to:

•    Follow an academic course at university level
•    Participate with confidence in workplace meetings or academic tutorials and seminars
•    Express themselves with a high level of fluency in social, academic or work situations
•    Communicate effectively at a managerial and professional level

Key Facts

• Ability to pass a Cambridge exam for the specific level at the end of the course
• Current tests and assessment during the course
• Parent / teacher meetings at any time to control progress or to discuss difficulties
• Certificate of completion of the course with specified workload and achieved final level